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Building From Scratch

If you have specific needs, if you are a unique brand or shop already, perhaps you want the website to be as unique as you are.

To this end we can offer you a bespoke design that is built from the ground up with your every need taken into consideration. Store? No problem. Blog? Of course! Mailing lists? Sure thing.

We can target your market and respond to their needs through design and ease of use for your individual niche. Contact us, we can can help! Below you'll find a brief outline of the process taht is required to run a bespoke design from start to finish.

Phases of The Web Building Process

Project Definition

- The scope of the work to be undertaken

Site Layout

- Site architecture includes the sitemap and wireframes of pages

Visual Design

- The overall visual style will most likely be determined by the visual brand of the organization

Site Development

- Possibly develop new content and refine old content, videos, slideshows, podcasts and other media

Site Testing

- Before the site is launched, it will be placed on a production server where only internal audiences and anyone who you share the link with can view it


- Expect to make some immediate changes to the site, such as fixing broken links, editing copy and making adjustments

Site Maintenance

- Websites are living, breathing entities and need constant care and maintenance

Yeah... it's work!

So now you have a rough idea of how much work goes into a bespoke design, not only can you rest assured that I am indeed earning my money, I'm doing it while spending all of my time on YOUR project! The webpage is a vital business tool for mutiple reasons, and I know because it's my business to know; literally! Get in touch and let us help each other!