Web Design And Template Customisation

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Fast & Cost Effective, But Still Cutting Edge

With thousands of choices when it comes to templates, we help to whittle it down to your perfect site and then set about customising it to your specific needs. Your brand, image, content and message are imprinted upon the template to ensure your future clients and customers get the message early and are given an outstanding first impression.

Step #1

We'll meet up or chat online to go through your requirements for the site. At this stage it's a friendly chat to understand how the website should serve your business, how you would like it to operate and finally how you would like it to look. With these things in mind, we'll set about choosing a template to customise

Step #2

At this stage we'll choose the template that best fits all the requirements from Step #1. This is the fun part because we can see what your website would look like in the future!

Step #3

With the template selected we get to work selecting your imagery, generating content and putting forward how the site will look with these elements while also incorporating colour choices.

Step #4

The first draft of the site for you to scan over. We'll test the site to ensure it works as it should and then go about making any changes. This is the first round of edits that are catered for in our pricing structure. We allow for up to three rounds of edits for each project. Any more than that are done via an hourly rate. But don't worry, edits are not usually plentiful as together, we've already approved the site through each design stage.

Step #5

This is where we give the whole project the thumbs up and we start to upload it to your domain. With Wavelength Web Design you have the choice of a years free domain hosting with Hosting Ireland and we can also register a domain for you if you don't already have one. You can pop over to the Hosting Ireland pricing page to view all the various costs.

Yeah... it's work!

Template customisation is faster work, but does require time to augment all the various aspects from layout to fonts, images, pages, SEO and social media integration. You can rest assured that I am indeed earning my money and I'm doing it while spending all of my time on YOUR project! The webpage is a vital business tool for mutiple reasons, and I know because it's my business to know; literally! Get in touch and let us help each other!